Stories Told.

Fables Made.

Memories Rekindled.

Nepal is known for the mighty Himalayas that were formed more than 10 million years ago. The varied wildlife and abundant flora also symbolize the richness and uniqueness of this country. But the people are the soul of this land, who represent 120 ethnicities and form two of the Nepal’s largest religions with the confluence of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Nestled amidst the historic valley of Kathmandu, the Varnabas Museum hotel celebrates the country’s glory, inviting you to embrace the history and cultural richness.

We welcome visitors from all over the world to honour the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam – a Sanskrit phrase that means ‘The world is one family.’

We are one of the best hotels in Kathmandu with such diverse cultural architecture. We are one of the few Luxury hotels in Kathmandu valley who offer such perfect blend of culture and quality.

The Name

The word ‘Varnabas’ has been borrowed from Sanskrit with ‘varna’ meaning ethnicity and ‘bas’ capturing the essence of a safe shelter. Thus, Varnabas provides a comfortable and luxurious accommodation that represents the different ethnicities of Nepal.

Varnabas Aesthetics


The entrance and lobby area of the hotel is dedicated to the artisanship and craftsmanship of the Newar community, the original traders and local inhabitants of the valley.

The Newar architecture of wooden beams and pillars, windows, terracotta tiles and brass door spans across the first floor.


Varnabas Museum Hotel has been artfully divided into sections to provide an immersive experience of the different ethnicities namely the Terai, Pahad and Himal community. They represent Nepal’s three regions: Terai, Pahad and Himal (Southern plains, hills and the high mountains) respectively.

Our thoughtfully curated accommodations feature region-specific living experiences with a luxurious touch. The rooms are designed specific to the community’s home featuring decorations like paintings, baskets, wall hangings and more.

Galleries & Corridors

Every nook and corner of the hotel displays the country’s art masterpieces in varied materials like clay, stone, wood, metal and textile including the galleries and corridors on all floors.

In addition to the rooms and suites, the galleries and corridors on the first, third and fifth floor showcase the heritage of Terai, Pahad and Himal, respectively. Using art and other curated pieces, these parts of the hotel provide a deeper lens into the cultures of these communities.

One-of-a-kind rooftop

With a glass pyramid structure, the roof of the hotel resembles the top of the world: Sagarmatha. It offers unparalleled views of the golden hour sprawled against the mountain and hills. We have a resplendent pool which is a tribute to Gokyo lake and a bar which continues to pay homage to the Everest region: the South Col. bar.

Chairman’s Message

Nepal has a way of weaving itself into your soul, offering experiences unlike any other. The solace of the tranquil Himalayas enchants travellers exploring Nepal, the adventure of the undulating terrains in the Mid Hills, and the untamed beauty of the plains in Southern Terai. With numerous mesmerising attractions, the country is a treasure trove of tourism potential to explore.

With the vast possibilities in mind, we envisioned a hotel that captures Nepal’s diverse cultural and geographical mosaic under one roof. As such, Varnabas was born, drawing inspiration from this mélange of ethnicities united in Nepal.

The name itself reflects this unity. ‘Varna’ means ethnic groups, and ‘Baas’ signifies the warmth of home. Together signifying the home of Nepal’s diverse cultures.

At Varnabas, we go beyond the typical luxury boutique hotel experience. We are a living museum proudly reflecting Nepal’s history, culture, and ethnic multiplicity.
Varnabas is more than just a place to rest; it is a window into the heart of our land. The structure is a cultural monument in itself; the façade seamlessly balances semi-modern architecture with traditional Nepali aesthetics, while the interior’s attention to detail ensures unparalleled cultural immersion and comfort.

We are committed to offering our guests the highest quality of comprehensive service and enriching experience that weaves together local craftsmanship, culinary flavours, traditional arts, and ethnic experiences like never before.