The Connection Between Gokyo Lake and Gokyo Pool at Varnabas

Gokyo Lake

Gokyo Lake is a jewel of natural beauty located in Nepal’s Everest region. It draws adventurers and climbers from around the world to its collection of lakes. It is called Gokyo Ri in the regional Sherpa language.

Interestingly, it is this serene lake that has also inspired the creation of its namesake pool at the Varnabas Museum Hotel. This blog explores the between Gokyo Lake that inspired the fun filled Gokyo Pool at Varnabas. 

The Gokyo pool, while offering a glimpse into the natural beauty of the original lakes, recreates the experience in the comfort of Kathmandu valley. 

Overview of the Gokyo Region

The Gokyo lakes region is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and high-altitude lakes. Among these, Gokyo Lake stands out for its stunning turquoise waters, surrounded by snow-capped peaks and tranquil valleys. This region is geographically significant due to its proximity to the Everest Base Camp trek and its location within the Sagarmatha National Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While the Mt Everest base camp and the summit is crowded for the famed ascent of the peak, the Gokyo Lake is less explored and therefore a more tranquil climb. 

It offers views of nearby mountains: the fourth highest mountain in the world, Lhotse, the stunning Mt. Makalu, and Mt Cho Oyu, along with Mt Everest. Most importantly, the Gokyo Ri overlooks the Ngozumpa Glacier. 

Gokyo Lake Explorations

The route to the Gokyo Lake is a memorable trekking journey through some of Nepal’s most picturesque locations. Trekkers start the expedition from Lukla, passing through Namche Bazaar at 4000 meters, and continuing through lush valleys and challenging terrains to finally reach Gokyo Village situated at 4750m of altitude. The serene environment also provides an excellent opportunity for photography, meditation, and simply soaking in the majestic surroundings.

Gokyo Pool at Varnabas Museum Hotel

Located in Kathmandu, the Varnabas Museum Hotel offers a unique experience with its Gokyo Pool. Inspired by the natural beauty of the original Gokyo Lake, the pool at Varnabas aims to recreate the serene and captivating ambiance of its namesake. The pool’s design and surroundings are meticulously crafted to reflect the tranquility and beauty of Gokyo Lake. 

The heated pool is open to all hotel guests to take a refreshing dip during their stay and enjoy the view of Kathmandu valley’s surrounding mountains and hills. 

By naming the pool after Gokyo Lake, the Varnabas Museum Hotel pays homage to the original natural vista while offering visitors a chance to experience a slice of the Himalayas within the comfort of a luxurious setting.

Recreating the Gokyo Lake Experience Within the Valley

Guests at the Varnabas Museum Hotel can enjoy the pool, relax on the deck, sip on authentic drinks prepared in South Col bar. Guests can also admire the climbing gear on display. A curated collection from various mountaineering ropes to actual outfits adorn the area near the pool. This thoughtful recreation makes it a perfect getaway for those seeking a blend of natural beauty and luxury.

End Note

Gokyo Pool at Varnabas highlights the beauty and inspiration that nature provides. Whether you’re trekking to the high-altitude lakes of the Everest region or relaxing by the Gokyo Pool in Varnabas, both experiences offer a deep connection to the captivating essence of Gokyo.

Visit the Gokyo Pool at Varnabas to relax and rejuvenate before or after your trips to the serene mountains of Nepal.